Sticker "You have this spreadsheet to keep track of customer experience? Well. Yeah. Now what?"

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So your spreadsheet-master-workmate came to show how proud they are about their latest spreadsheet? Cool, you say, but how do you deal with all this data? Are you going to drag around these rows and columns and then what? Some fancy charts?

You, dear ExperienceFellow evangelizer, know how. Show them! And give them a sticker to remind them. You can also stick it right in the middle of their computer screen, for a more subliminal touch.*

Buy a single one for you, a set of 10 for your colleagues or a 100-pack for all your students.

 Size 10.5 x 3.5 cm
Material Plastic
Color Black on clear plastic


* This is a joke and we are not responsible for the consequences if you try this. Don't try this. Really.