About Us

Who is mr. THINKR?

mr. THINKR is your supplier of tools for your daily design needs, such as paper templates to assist you while you're working on your projects or facilitating a workshop.

mr. THINKR is a spin-off of More Than Metrics GmbH.


Why did we open mr. THINKR? 

The More than Metrics team develop software to research and visualize customer experience. Software is cool, but...

... when working on a project or facilitating a workshop, the first step of ideation needs to happen on paper because it makes it easy to quickly collaborate and co-design. 

Once the paper template is full of ideas, software can be used to digitize and share journey maps, personas and stakeholder maps and to continually update it.

This is why we decided to open the first shop specialized in tools for service designers, design thinkers and customer experience experts.


Where is mr. THINKR?

mr. THINKR is based in the snowy capital of the Austrian Alps Innsbruck:

Museumstraße 3
6020 Innsbruck